Status of the Company
The Company of Treatment of Metals Domet Co. Ltd. was founded by The Notarial Act of Index A no. 4250/1993 of 30.07.1993 registered in Federal Court in Poznań, XXII Department of the Legal Register under the number of NCR 0000119079.
The share capital of the company is 100 000 00 PLN and it is divided into 100 equal parts which are undivided.

We are manufacturer of:
– pressure and chill castings
– aluminium casting alloys and deoxidizers in the form of: chits?, granules, pyramids, hemispheres.

We offer low cost of the production of aluminum castings, because we are the manufacturer of aluminium casting alloys and we use the liquid metal.

Subject of activity:
The objective of our company constitutes the productive and commercial activity aimed at satisfying the needs of customers as well as a complex maintenance of  the industry of non-ferrous metals

27.53.Z          – foundry of light metals
27.54.B          – foundry of other non-ferrous metals
37.10.Z          – metal and scrap metal waste management
51.57.Z          – wholesale of waste and scrap metal
51.56.Z          – wholesale of other semi-finished products

Our experience
During the activity of our company we gained a lot of valuable experience in the field of production technology and in the adoption of production assortment to the needs of actual market as well as to the quality expectations of our customers.