Purchasing department buys aluminum scrap for the company PPM Domet. Sp. z o.o Our purchasing department is a team of people who have specialized knowledge, allowing for rapid assessment of the quality of purchased raw materials. Delivered scrap is subjected to a detailed quality analysis, including checking the chemical composition and determining the level of impurities. The process of evaluating the quality of scrap is carried out by qualified professionals. This enables us to a constant supply of high quality raw materials, so that we maintain the required high level of quality of products.

We are interested and willing to cooperate with new, solid companies specializing in the sale of scrap aluminum. Our location in central Poland provides suppliers a very favorable logistical conditions..

We purchase the following species of scrap aluminum:

Aluminium scrap:

  • aluminum plastic

  • aluminum cast

  • aluminum 99%

  • primary aluminum

  • rims

  • profiles

Alloying elements:

  • Silikon metal

  • All copper