Pressure and chill castings made of aluminium alloy for:
a)  electrotechnical industry
b)  food industry
c)  textile industry
d)  furniture industry
e)  engineering industry

We produce the pressure castings of maximum projective plane of form of 1800 cm2

We have pressure machines with force of tightening from 250 to 1100 tons

We produce the chill castings of maximum dimension of 600x600x1000 mm

The aluminium alloy castings in form of :
chits with weight of: 5,5 – 6 kg i 8 – 8,5 kg in accordance with standards:
a) PN-EN 1706
b) PN-76/H-88027
c) DIN 1725
d) ZN-86/MH-MN-260-14
e) or in accordance with chemical composition stated by a client

Deoxidizers in form of:
granules, cones, hemispheres, pyramids, chits of different dimensions and with  following chemical composition with standard PN-71/H-82164

a)  content of  Al + Mg – min 86 %,
b)  content of Al + Mg – min 96 ÷ 98 %,
c)  in accordance with a client request.